Blind and Disabled Golf

Although the origins of blind golf can be traced back to the early 20th century, the sport has largely developed through the efforts of Dr. Haruhisa Handa, Chairman of ISPS.

Dr. Handa founded the first Blind Golf Club (now called the Japanese Blind Golf Association, JBGA) in Japan in 1988 and is known as "the father of blind golf". Dr. Handa continues to work with JBGA as honorary chairman and has been instrumental in bringing together other blind golf communities from various countries to create the International Blind Golf Association (IBGA), which was founded in 1998. More than 250 blind golfers have been trained in Japan alone and the IBGA now has over 600 registered players. The IBGA hosts the World Blind Golf Championship, held every two years.

Dr. Handa and ISPS continue to play an active role in the development of blind golf and are working closely with the IBGA to make blind and disabled golf a Paralympic sport. Together with its partners, ISPS works tirelessly to raise awareness of blind and disabled golf worldwide. Through initiatives like the ISPS Handa PGA Academy Programme and the On-Course Foundation, ISPS are increasing opportunities for those individuals with disabilities to play golf.